Denny & Sandy Adopt a Baby

Who is Denny?

Denny was born in a small town in Western Pennsylvania. He is the middle of three children; a twin sister and younger brother. Denny's childhood was filled with loving memories at his Grandparents' home for Sunday family dinners and holidays. Growing up, Denny and his family visited an aunt and uncle on a farm where they could fish, swim, bike, hike, etc. These are lifelong memories. By trade, he is an electrician but he receives much enjoyment from home improvements and landscaping. His willingness to help his parents and in-laws, at the drop of a hat, with any project is a sign of devotedness to family. When Denny has time to relax, he enjoys playing a good game of golf with his Dad.

Who is Sandy?

Sandy was born in a small town in Western Pennsylvania. As an only child, her life was enriched with close family and friends and their lives. Childhood memories for her were picnics and holiday gatherings at her Grandparents' homes. As a teenager, Sandy raised cockatiel birds which taught her the value of life. Sandy sang in choir in school and for years sang in her church choir. Her involvement with Girl Scouts taught her about volunteering and helping those in need and that value has followed her to adulthood. During the day, Sandy is an administrative assistant for a legal department but also enjoys walking her dog Lily, crafts, and her desire to help others is one of her biggest characteristics (she does have trouble saying "no" to someone in need).

Who is Lily?

She is a beautiful golden retriever which came into their home when she was 3 months old. Lily is now over a year old and a complete joy to their lives. She is full of personality and loves going on walks with Sandy & Denny. She absolutely loves to play with the neighbor kids as well as any visitors which come to their home. She also loves going to the groomer or to the vet.

Denny & Sandy — The Couple

Denny and Sandy were introduced through a mutual friend. They dated and their love for each other grew stronger and deeper. Denny proposed to Sandy in 1991 at restaurant and then to a carriage ride through the park. Both sets of parents could not have been more excited for them. They wed in September of 1992 in Sandy's church with a beautiful reception afterwards with family and friends close to them. They feel that keeping their relationship faith-based with a strong communication is the foundation of their marriage. They take pride in their home, enjoy traveling and entertaining with family and friends.

In 1997, Denny and Sandy knew that they wanted their family to grow. After numerous doctor visits, tests, disappointments and five miscarriages – it was time to do research on adoption. But through it all, Denny and Sandy kept their sense of humor and faith in God. They had a failed adoption in 2008 but strength was given to them to continue their journey for their forever child.

"Hope . . . . rejoice in our suffering,
suffering produces perseverance – perseverance – character and
character HOPE." Romans 5:3

Families (By Relation and By Heart)

Denny and Sandy's families are so loving and get along as they are one family. In fact, one year both sets of parents went on vacation together to Nevada. Time is treasured spent with family and friends celebrating birthdays, weddings and other special events. Denny and Sandy have such special friends that their children call them "Aunt Sandy & Uncle Denny". Sandy loves to bake and cook and then share those goodies with those she loves. Planning a good surprise party is her specialty. Sandy's parents yearn to become grandparents and share in the memories as well.

Denny's relationship with his family is one of closeness. At holidays, Denny makes his family laugh by attempting to play the guitar and sing. His sister and family are seen quite often for birthdays and holidays. Before his brother was married, Denny assisted with projects around his home. Denny's parents are quite excited to become grandparents for the fourth time.

Our Home

Denny & Sandy live in Pennsylvania in a neighborhood filled with children and laughter. Their home is a custom multi level situated on a level lot in a cul-de-sac with a backyard ready for a swing set and sandbox. Their backyard is fenced in. The elementary school is located within walking distance. Their parents live 15 minutes away and are anxiously awaiting the addition to the family. Numerous friends and family which live nearby are very excited to be a continuing part of their family as well.